Last weekend I started on a box for a special order.  The box will be Black Walnut for a very good friend’s oil bottles.  When my spouse asked what the Black Walnut was good for and I told her; protection and defense, she mentioned that it would go well with the direction our friend’s business was heading.  Also it would fit well with her motif and it was what she asked for, which makes it all the more important she gets it that way.

            I started thinking after that about building magically.  When I first started baking cookies, i.e., making boxes for sale, and before the wands and other magical items, I made whatever looked good and I thought would sell.  I didn’t think to mix or match woods by their magical properties.  Now I cannot say that.  When I plan a box, even for a customer, I think of how the energies will flow not just through the box but through whatever is being stored in the box.

            We forget sometime the ramifications of our actions.  We build things or design things or decorate things as we think they should be without taking into account the affect they will have on the new owners or those that view the end result.  Just like a box with conflicting energies some of our projects are doomed to not only fail but to grate and irritate at a level we cannot even perceive. 

            So the next time you build something think how it will affect those around it when it gets to its new home.  Will the energies agree?  Will the alignments fit where it will be?  I have a rock in my garden.  I’ve had it for 15 years.  It’s a large rock about one and a half feet by one foot.  It’s been in a dozen places since I bought it in Oklahoma and it’s still not where it wants to be.  I just don’t know where it wants to be yet.  The moral of the story is listen to your projects.  Like my rock don’t be afraid to move things, change things, or cancel things.  Your customers and your results will both thank you.