I grew up, as many of my generation, watching soap operas.  I remember in 8th grade running home to watch the Edge of Night and when Dark Shadows started I never missed the episodes.  That show was so popular in college that the Biology lecture that conflicted with the show, since there were not video tapings back then, was empty and we all got up at 8 am twice a week to go to the other lecture.

            Now I watch little television but one show I do watch is called Sons of Guns.  It’s on the Discovery Channel and is about a gun shop in Baton Rouge, La, and the people that work there.  I know there is some creative license with the show but the conflict is fun to watch and I find myself cheering for the main character, Will Hayden, as he tried to make ends meet and pay bills.  Red Jacket Firearms are his metaphysical cookies.

            This season Will has had to fire people, deal with ex-employees, deal with his daughter and her husband and their wish to start their own business as a side venture, and orders being cancelled at the last minute leaving the company holding tens of thousands of dollars of inventory.  All these things any of us who have owned our own businesses can relate to.  In the last few minutes of the season finale Will says basically you’re always eventually on your own.  Now I know that many of us have family that help with our dreams.  My spouse is amazing and I couldn’t be where I am today without here.  However in the end we all die alone, or as Cher says in one of her songs, we all sleep alone.

            Therefore when you start out to bake cookies be prepared that if you are successful everyone will try to pull you down.  If you fail everyone will say you didn’t have what it took.  And if you are able to be somewhere in the middle then everyone will want to be you.  It’s a hard way to live but it’s the only way many of us are happy.  Revel in whatever success you may accomplish.  Enjoy those that are loving and loyal to you and be grateful for their place in your life.  And live everyday as though it may be your last because when you die, as when you sleep, you do it alone.