Dreams are funny things.  You can remember them.  You can forget them.  You can have them or not have them.  You can lose them and find them again.  Or as this post suggests you can follow them.  Growing up I loved watching Elvis Presley movies.  There were always pretty girls, hot cars, great scenery, and it didn’t matter that Elvis always got the girl, routed the bad guys, and saved the day.  Movies like Viva Las Vegas, Kid Galahad, and Kissing Cousins were cute but the one that always stuck with me was Follow That Dream.  It’s a typical movie of the 60s but one line of the lyrics “You’ve got to follow that dream where ever that dream may lead” always returned to me.

            I’ve had one dream in my life; to make a living with my own two hands.  I’ve been lucky that I’ve always been able to do that.  I’ve had a side or primary business for over 40 years and many of those years I made a living just with what I did, either logging, construction, or body piercing.  Now I have a day job that I love but I also have a night job that I love just as much.  I make things and finally after 60 years the things I make are being wanted and appreciated by those that have money and the need/want for them.  My dream is coming true.

            Many out there will say to follow something you have to leave something.  To that I say no and quite an emphatic no.  You can take what you want with you.  There is no cosmic law that says you must leave everything to go somewhere else.  If you have a home, job, family, take them with you.  Make the following metaphoric.  Stay where you are and  follow that dream until you can bring it back to you.

            My cousin needed a job after her second divorce.  Divorce is something we do often in our family by the way, at least until we’ve had three then the fourth marriage seems to stick.  Anyway she interviewed at a law firm and they asked if she could use a Dictaphone.  You can see how long ago that was.  She said yes and got the job.  She then immediately called her friend who actually could use a Dictaphone and she practiced all weekend.  It never dawned on her to say no.  She had a dream and following it meant finding a Dictaphone and learning it.  She was with that firm for over 20 years until she retired from there.

            So what does that mean to all of you out there?  One there is a dream for each of you.  Two that dream won’t find you, you must find the dream.  Three you don’t need to lose or discard anything to follow that dream and you won’t gain anything if you don’t follow that dream.  And the big number four.  The longest journey starts with the first step.  So strap on your big girl or boy shoes and start walking.  There are dreams to be followed.