What are metaphysical cookies and why should you care?

For the last few years I’ve been working on a PhD in Tourism. I have always wanted a PhD because I felt it was the epitome of academia. To that end I have gathered numerous Masters degrees but could never find a PhD program that suited me and eventually I chose one that was inexpensive and ‘handy’. I really hated it. It sucked my soul and the work kept me from doing the things that mattered to me such as writing books and making things in my shop. (more on that in a later blog)

Three weeks ago during a major bout of doubt about the program and a dissatisfaction with the classes, et. al. I was with my wife at the American Library Association Mid Winter conference in Seattle. One morning I was buying a large mollassas Ginger Snap cookie from a young woman across from the Pike Square fish market. We started talking about life choices.

She commented that even people with Masters degrees have applied for her job, even though she owned the place. I said I was working on a PhD and could understand doing something you loved v. something you didn’t. That was when she said “I have a PhD” and pointed to her degree from U.C. Davis on the wall next to her business license. She said she worked everyday making cookies and when she sold out she went home or did something fun. Some days she was done by 10 in the mornings, other days much later.

I realized at that point you have to do things that feed your soul. I dropped my PhD program the day I returned from Seattle. I now spend my spare time writing books for Weiser publishing and making wands for witches; among other specialty items. I use the metaphor for feeding my soul as making cookies.

This blog will talk about things that you can do as witches that feed your soul. Observations that I have made that either don’t or do make sense and how to live life better not faster or slower. You may like what I say or you may not. Either way they’re my cookies. Come in and share one.

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