Losing A Familiar

Saturday morning my familiar Thomas passed away. To some who don’t understand the Craft and what witches do you may think that a familiar is another name for a pet; but you would be woefully incorrect. People buy pets. Or they may adopt one or one may show up on their doorstep. A familiar finds you. They appear when you need one and stay until their work is through. Some wander off and others pass away. That was the case Saturday with Thomas. I believe he finished what he needed to do and now he is with Spooky, Menew, and Piwackett, my familiars before him in Freya’s hall.

Familiars are essential to witches since they help as liaisons across the veil. When you need something communicated or when you need an extra push to a spell or ritual your familiar will carry that message to the other side and therefore assist you in your work. A familiar is also part of your soul and you are part of theirs. There is a form of communication between you and you know it instantly when you find them.

Finally unless you have lost a familiar you really don’t understand the significance. While we appreciate your good wishes and your condolences at our loss please know that we feel much worse than we appear and are much more bereft that you will understand.