They say you can’t go home again.  I think that’s wrong.  I think you can go home again you just have to alter your expectations.  Let me give you an example.  This weekend I went home.  I am a Yankee; born and raised in New Hampshire.  I am tied to the land and will ultimately be buried in the home town of my family.  My plot is already there waiting for me.

            I went home to buy a house.  Although it’s a very small house on an acre of land it’s still a house in New Hampshire.  What were my expectations?  That I would remember the piece of property, revel in the river across the street, and drive the roads I did 35 years ago when I last lived there.  Was I disappointed?  NO.  The roads were basically the same.  The river was still there and the mountains hadn’t moved a damn inch.  So did I go home again?  Yes and no.

            My old home in Manchester was still there but older and a little more run down.  The porch seemed smaller than when I was 6 and the wall was different stone around the property.  But the street was still Holly Ave, the houses were still there, and the trees that I remember as a child were larger but still standing.

            I drove up to the property I was buying.  Again the highways were the same.  Businesses had changed and some of the scenery was new due to construction and earth moving but again the way hadn’t changed.  Some of the people were still there that I knew back then and others were different but that’s the way with all progress.

            When I flew out last night I knew that the next time I went home, and home it still is to me, I would be different from when I was there yesterday and yesterday I was different than I was 35 years ago.  But home never changes because you hold that image in your heart and your head and whatever you see in front of you through filters of time are colored by what you remember.  And it’s the remembering that keeps you tied to your home.

            Everyone should go home before they die.  They should stand where they did when they had dreams and hopes and realize that hopes and dreams still exist.  They should walk the old roads, remember the people, and realize that even though home had changed to you, you have changed to home.  In the end neither one will be greatly disappointed in the other.