Making cookies, or whatever else you do to find your happy spot, is fraught with dangers.  I have spoken about the cost, the planning, the expectations, and the way customers that you don’t know can affect your bottom line.  However what about your friends?  Your friends are always there for you.  They have your back and want the best for you.  But sometime that can backfire.  Let me give you a case in point.
            I have a friend who wanted a wand.  She was looking for a specific wood and was willing to wait; which was good since the tree that came down to make her wand took a long time to dry.  As I have alluded to before wands are funny creatures.  They take whatever shape they wish and no amount of coaxing or pleading will make them be any different.  Some woods like ebony will sand to an almost plastic finish without any external coating.  Other woods such as oak will remain grainy and get worse unless you keep them highly oiled and/or sealed.  The wood that my friend asked for was more of the latter than the former.
            I cut a special piece for her and turned the wand.  I know that wands pick the witch but I hoped that this wand would like being with my friend so far away.  The wood was rough and wanted to stay that way.  It was more a hand crafted wand than a highly polished one that many of my customers purchase.  It was a lovely wand none the less and I sent it to her.
            It was not what she expected.  She expected a highly polished wand and told me so in a number of related sentences.  Now I appreciate honesty and this was no exception.  I apologized for the wand and told her to keep it as a gift and I sent her money back to her.  This is where dealing with friends can be difficult because you see she has yet to cash the check.  I don’t know if she thinks I need the money or if she regrets saying what she did about the wand.  She says she can’t find the check but when I offer to send another one she is adamant about not doing that.  It has caused an awkwardness in our friendship and I cannot balance my check book properly:  I’m rather OCD about my balance.
            I am not advocating avoiding your friends when you sell your products.  I am only using this example as that; an example of what can happen when friends think they are doing the best for you.  I am certain that if we didn’t know each other she would have cashed the check, kept the wand, and never thought about it again.  Instead we have this hanging over our heads now unnecessarily.  So remember that your customer base is wide and all inclusive.  Be prepared for that when baking cookies.