There comes a time in every cook’s life when you have to put up or shut up.  That means you have to actually go out and sell your cookies, or whatever you are using as your metaphor.  It’s a scary thing to put your works out to the general public and hope that they like them enough to spend their money on what you provide.  This past weekend I was in Auburn where I gave a workshop to a group of like minded individuals.  It was a great evening and I had the chance to meet a number of great people and interact with them.

            While I make boxes and wands and canes for my own pleasure and creative interests it’s always nice to have someone appreciate them enough to purchase them.  For me it’s not about the money, although don’t get me wrong that’s nice too, it’s about the acceptance.  Whether I sell a single item or a large amount I know that with every sale I have validated my craft and hopefully made someone else happy with what I made and they purchased.

            Don’t be afraid to offer your wares for sale.  Don’t be afraid to put a fair price on your time, your materials, and your designs.  Don’t be afraid to be successful and if in the event you don’t sell anything and no one seems to like what you do, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board and start again.  You must have faith and trust.

            The more you put yourself out there to others the more you will realize that what you do is important.  You matter and so does what you do.  Unless others see that you are just talking to yourself.  So I ask you:  Are you going to put up or shut up?