Yesterday I was talking to someone I golf with.  I had mentioned wands and wood and making things a few times to him but as he stood in my driveway we really talked about what I make and for whom.  He blinked a few times and said “Witches?”  I said yes I’m a witch and I make wands for them.  That’s when he confided that he was a Born Again Christian. 

            I must admit that I was probably as surprised at his revelation as he was at mine.  I don’t think of people as Born Again since I don’t really know any, or at least I didn’t think I did.  That’s when I remembered the two things I learned when I came down south decades ago;  that one most people think that everyone is a form of Christian; Christian Assumptive, and that two most everyone I meet assumes that I am straight because I am married; Hetero Assumptive.

            I am just as guilty, though.  I make the Assumptions that most people I meet are Orientation Acceptant and that most folks I hang out with are Pagan Acceptant.  Fortunately my new golf friend is both but we don’t talk religion, which is probably good since golf has a way of bringing out the worse in any religion when you are playing badly and we are vying for who gets that honor.

            So I ask you all:  Are you Assumptive?  Do you assume that someone is like you because they look the part or act the part or talk the part?  Does a woman or man with a wedding ring make you think that there is an opposite sex spouse waiting somewhere for this person?  If the individual is wearing something other than a cross do you look past that and think it’s just jewelry, even though it may be an Ankh or a Pentagram, or a Thor’s Hammer, or a Celtic Tree?  And does it really matter?

            Some on this list may say yes it matters greatly.  However I will be assumptive one more time.  I think that most on this blog will say “who gives a Darn.”  Let’s all be Acceptive Assumptive.