I know most of the time you hear “you have to accept the bad with the good.”  However at times when you think there is only bad or not good you get a run of good luck and then wonder if or when it will stop.  It’s times like that when you have to accept the good and move on.  I have had one of those runs lately.

            A couple weeks ago I successfully made three Poison Ivy wands.  I say successfully because I am deathly allergic to Poison Ivy.  With proper covering, tools, and gloves I was able to get three beautiful Dark Magic wands made and sealed in protective boxes ready for sale in a few weeks at my first major show of the season.

            The next weekend I found a really beautiful wood called Padauk at the wood store and bought a piece.  It’s bright red and looked like a cross between Red Heart and Bloodwood.  I wasn’t certain what the properties were but I was convinced they were amazing due to the coloring of the wood and I turned three wands.  By that night I was seeping in skin rash worse than Poison Ivy.  That was 2 weeks ago and I’m still on drugs for the rash.  That was the bad that came with the good:  rash from Padauk but no rash from Poison Ivy. 

            Now comes the hook to this story.  Since that afternoon I have finished a new prototype box for a client; creating my own brass hardware.  I have worked through the itch and with the help of the energy of Prednisone, have found or been given 7 new woods to dry and turn in the fall for the book.  I turned two new woods for wands and hand made a Rosemary wand during a lightning storm that has amazing energy. 

Finally my doctor asked if I would be willing to build a special box for a Silent Auction for her Cancer fund raiser.  The doctors and attorneys all bid big bucks for items and then donate the money.  This is an instant captured audience for my high end specialty boxes so I said I would make a Red Oak Mama Bear Box; 11x11x22 of Red Oak with a Cancer Ribbon of Pink Ivory wood inlaid in the top and lined in Red Cedar.  I figure I’ll get enough commissions from that one box to keep me busy after Dragon Con in August where I’m showing and selling wands.

All this happened since I broke out in the worst rash of skin allergy I can remember. 

            Normally I would look for the bad around every corner but I have decided that if the Goddess is going to send me Good after Good after Good because I took the Bad and kept going then who am I to complain?

            Therefore the next time you have something bad happen and then something good follows don’t look for more bad.  Sometime you just have to take the Good with the Bad and move on.  Till the next time we talk cookies have a great day.